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A Grand Illusion

Look Beyond What You See

You are an up and coming magician, about to put on the greatest magic show the world has ever seen! In order to do that, you need to perform a mind-blowing grand finale! Just an hour before showtime you've been informed by someone in the SECRET ORDER, that somewhere hidden backstage there is an illusion that no magician has ever successfully completed! You must go backstage and find the illusion so that you can put on the show of a lifetime!

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Escape Rate: 46%


The Inventor's Garage

An Absent Minded Adventure

You’re a brilliant inventor, but even with your intelligence, you often forget what invention you were working on, and sometimes you even forget what your inventions do! You know that your latest invention is supposed to help you in an important way, but unfortunately, you can’t remember what that is exactly. All you remember at this point is that you only have an hour. Luckily you always leave yourself clues to help jog your memory. Perhaps, if you find all the clues and pieces to your latest machine, you’ll remember what was so important!

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Escape Rate: 39%

Escape Earth

Repair Your Craft. Escape Earth. Return To Your Home Planet.

You are alien diplomats, and you've been sent to make first contact with Humankind! Unfortunately, when you arrive at Earth, your ship's engine malfunctions, causing your ship to crash and you black-out on impact!  When you come to, you find yourself locked in a government laboratory with the remains of your engine, and the G-Men are hauling away one of your crew members, saying they'll be back in an hour for the rest of you! Your mission is to repair your engine before they return, and Escape Earth!

Difficulty: Challenging

Escape Rate: 25%


The Lost Continent

Your eccentric but wealthy aunt is missing. You are desperately trying to find her before greedy family members steal her fortune. Can you follow her trail of clues and solve her puzzles in time? What is she hiding? You have 60 minutes to find out.

Difficulty: Challenging

Escape Rate: 17%